Q: How soon will my guitar be ready?

A: If it says “in stock” it is ready now!  Our guitars are not built to order.  We don’t offer any guitars for sale until they’re in stock and ready to go. Basically, once you order, you’ll only have to wait for us to pack it up and have FedEx deliver it into your quivering little hands.

Q: Where are Altius Guitars crafted and why?

A: Our very experienced luthiers are in South Korea. While you don’t know them by name, they’ve spent decades making multiple guitar models for many of the “big brands” you’ve seen. And they continue to do so.    For us at Altius, besides wanting to design an aesthetically and ergonomically pleasing guitar that is professional grade, we wanted to be able to offer our guitars to a wide range of guitarists. Our opinion is that not as many guitarists can afford or justify buying a four thousand dollar guitar as can invest in a guitar that costs around one thousand. Super expensive guitars are awesome, don’t get us wrong, but they’re not necessary in order to have a completely capable instrument.

Q: Why do you only ship the guitars in a hard case?

A: We have a pet peeve about guitars getting injured on their way to you. We also have a thing against homeless guitars. Every guitar deserves a safe home.

Q: Why don’t you have free shipping/cases like Brand X?

A: Well, first of all, theirs aren’t free either. They just bundle everything into one price so you don’t know exactly what each piece of the equation is costing you.  For us it is just a lot easier to be transparent and honest about telling you exactly what the guitar, case, and shipping really cost you.  Because who likes to be hoodwinked?

Q: When can I buy some Altius branded swag like a drink koozie or a speedo?

A: We’re working on it but don’t hold your breath on the swimwear. We’ll start with some more “guitar-centric” stuff. However, you can always send requests via our contact page.

Q: When can I buy a six-string version with pink polka dots?

A: A six string is in the works.  We have not received positive test marketing data on the polka dot finish. Sorry.  BUT, you can send requests for future finishes and/or options via our contact page.

Q: INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING: I live outside the US and want to buy an Altius Discoverer 7. Can you ship it to me?

A:Currently, we’re offering standard shipping to the Continental US and CANADA.  AK, HI, PR, are a bit more and Europe are also possible, but you have to ask us for a quote first!   Email us at info@altiusguitars.com We are always working on expanding geographic availability.  If you can send indisputable photographic evidence (no photoshop) of you and your Altius in Antarctica we’ll give you a free t-shirt!

Q: How many is too many guitars? Do you give shipping discounts on multiple purchases?

A: Huh? That phrase doesn’t even make sense. We don’t understand what that combination of words means.  But, if you’re buying more than one Altius (like everyone should) we’ll give you a deal on shipping commensurate with the number of guitars you buy.

Q: I only want to buy my guitar at “Big Box Guitar Place”. When can I get an Altius there?

A: We’re betting never.  There is a very slight possibility that Altius Guitars might be made available at a very few select independent music stores. Maybe.

Q: Will an Altius guitar make me play/sound like (insert famous guitarist’s name here)?

A: No it will not.  But it also won’t not make you sound like that famous guitarist either.  Seriously though, the time and effort our team put into designing every aspect of the Discoverer was specifically in order to make a guitar that will not hold you back. It was designed with ergonomics and features to facilitate you and your art.

Q: Do you do band/ player endorsements?

A: Not yet, sorry. Keep checking back.

Q: If the control cavity is so large why do you have a battery compartment as well? Why do you have a battery compartment if your stock pickups are passive?

A: Because, a battery compartment is a lot nicer and gives faster access to batteries. The massive control cavity can accommodate on board effects, extra switches, toggles, circuit boards, or even batteries if you really want. Some guitarists may want to add active features later on so we wanted to make it as easy as possible.

Q: Why do you keep adding, changing, modifying info on your website?

A: When we become aware of shortcomings or lack of clarity in our information, we try to set things straight and make them clearer for our customers.

Q: Why are you “accepting submissions” of suggested colors, finishes, features, etc?

A: Haven’t you heard “The customer is always right”? We’d be dumb not to listen to our customers. We have a kaleidoscope of cool ideas but, ideally we’d like to introduce ones that our customers want most.